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Introduction to the Big Kidd Project

The Big Kidd Property is located in the Nicola Mining Division of British Columbia immediately north and east of Aspen Grove, approximately 25 KM southeast of the City of Merritt, and 250 KM northeast of the City of Vancouver .

The Big Kidd property comprises of four mineral tenures totaling 4,056 hectares or 40.56 square kilometres. The past exploration work dating back to the early 1900’s has identified many showings in the ‘Aspen Grove Copper Camp’.

Based upon previous exploration results the Big Kidd Breccia pipe has the best potential to be a bulk tonnage open-pit minable copper-gold deposit. Following evaluation and assessment of all data the following conclusions have been reached:

  1. The strongest gold and copper mineralization occurs within the Big Kidd Breccia and its contact zones with country rocks;
  2. The Big Kidd Breccia has outward dipping contacts on the north and west;
  3. Mineralization in all sections is open at depth;
  4. A richer gold and copper zone is enveloped by lower grade copper mineralization; and
  5. Excellent targets for future exploration have been identified.

Presentation NI43-101 Report